Reflection Essay : My Poverty Walk

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My Poverty Walk
On November 15, 2017, I participated in a simulated poverty walk initiated by my Sociology class to raise awareness of homelessness and poverty. The intent was to understand the difficulties an individual living in poverty encountered while trying to survive. However, being classified as virtually poor, as an aftermath of the hurricane Harvey, made me a little more biased than normal toward poverty and homelessness. In fact, already a victim of circumstance, subject to homelessness, refining that lifestyle, with an even stricter budget, made the poverty walk, that more challenging. This journey was my chance to experience a fragment of what a person living in poverty experiences on the norm. Moreover, by engaging in this experience, my hope was to comprehend their psychological state and recognize the impact that poverty has on humanity emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This walk would give me an empathetic view of the homeless, allowing for an effectual approach toward assistance. The Bible teaches us to be stewards and to have compassion for others, therefore, another anticipation of this journey was to afford me the opportunity to cultivate empathy to better help those in need.
The poverty walk had both benefits and drawbacks to endure. However, the advantages of this walk allowed me to experience homelessness from the inside rather than from the outside looking in, which allowed for a genuine awareness of the societal dilemma in which we
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