Reflection Essay On Aristotle's Theory Of Happiness

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Happiness means the state of well-being and contentment, but there is always a time in life that makes people sad, angry and upset. If they are constantly like that then they are not living the right way to life. There are many different ways that a person can live to their full happiness and never feel that there is a depressed or unhappy time in their life. A lot of things can bring a person down, but there are multiple ways for a person to attain happiness which is by having positive thoughts, finding good company, not controlling things and practicing gratitude.

Aristotle presented the theory of happiness over 2,300 years ago and this theory is still relevant today. He tries to answer the question of what is the ultimate purpose of human existence. He says that happiness is the purpose of human existence. Objects like money, pleasure and honor are only objects and can’t give you happiness, but the real way to get happiness is by making yourself feel happy without the luxuries things. He said that if someone wants to be genuinely happy they have to include a balance of physical and mental well-being. The different aspects that I mentioned below are mental and physical things that will show a person their way to true happiness.

First thing that’s important is managing time and having a positive outlook is a great start to achieving the happy life. Some people don’t have those positive thoughts that they are going to be happy. Happiness doesn’t come
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