Reflection Essay On Society In Print

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Engaging art students in the cultural and social aspects of artmaking is a powerful tool for personal student investment and connection. Historically, printmaking has been an avenue chosen by many artists to respond to social issues, and in preparation for the creation of the socially responsive relief printing lesson, titled “Society in Print”, I have turned to fellow art educators and artists who have experience in implementing such lessons and evidence of how students benefit from creating and analyzing art based on social issues. This visual art lesson and the research and observations of my fellow educators and artists incorporate the national arts standard Respond, specifically analyzing how one’s understanding of the world is…show more content…
In his work as an art educator Darts had his students reimagining and questioning ideology surrounding “street life” and through art making begin to challenge some of their assumptions and bias about the people who reside in the streets. Parra Toro and Bautista Urrego researched students’ reaction and change in perception towards socially charged artwork and found that in studying such artwork students became self-recognizing, meaning that “the individuals have an inner process to see themselves as part of society while they monitor their thoughts “ (2016, p. 92). They found that viewers of social commentary artwork are able to figuratively place themselves into the situations depicted in the work and witness an authentic human experience shared between the artist and the viewer.
Simone Alter Muri suggests that when teaching socially engaging art lesson that instructors should include a study of folk and outsider art, particularly local working artists. She believes these artists and art forms often times create an honest depiction of what life is like for the artist and that the work directly references their society and culture. Studying local folk artist and outsider artists helps to make the content and analysis of the work relevant to the students. Muri considers folk and outsider art to be an important part of postmodern art and that postmodern art includes
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