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I am a Nursing student from Glenburn, Maine and before this course, I had a strong passion for writing poetry and also writing short stories about my life. In my high school English class, each Tuesday would be designated in writing for twenty minutes constantly about a given topic. I found that as a writer, I write the best about topics relating to me personally. However, in Rhetoric and Composition, I was able to learn new skills that allowed me to improve as a writer. In Rhetoric and Composition, I composed essays about my own subculture, a unique place of importance, and a subculture with little to none previous knowledge of. All of these essays taught me at least one skill that allowed me to grow as a writer throughout this course.…show more content…
Synthesizing the sources gave me the chance to combine all the information I found in a simplistic essay that was fluent and made sense. While I was interviewing my informants I was able to learn more about my informants on a personal level, while also in their line of work. With my ethnographic topic, I was curious about learning more about the job entails. My informants were able to give me descriptive details about their job and the joy and passion along with the job. Although, if I learned anything from the ethnographic paper, it was the connection between reading and writing and what it takes to be a superb writer. The job entails more than reading a book or a source and then summarizing the information into a paper. To be a writer, you must be able to read the information provided while critically analyzing the information and then combining all the data found in an essay. Over the course of this semester, I can gradually see a change in my writing process. I have been able to think about the topic, I am given and write a well thought out essay. However, I am not the best in the essay department, I have been meeting with my teachers, peers editing my papers in order to obtain their sense of the essay I’ve written. In previous years, I would write essays and think they were well developed, but that wasn’t the case. As a writer, I never really knew how to edit my own work but with time I have been able to change that. I have been able to read the text in
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