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When the school year first started, I thought English class in junior year would be easy based on my performance in sophomore Honors English. However, AP English Language and Analysis has proven to be a difficult and rigorous course. I had struggled both as a student and as a writer in the beginning of the year, but I had learned to recognize several chronic problems I had made in my writing. Through the past school year, my writing skills had matured as I strived to fix issues in my writing. The improvements in my writing skills can best be seen through the growing conciseness, fluency, and analytical thinking in my essays. One major change in my writing was the increased economy in word choices and syntax. Early in the year, I had used complex words that had empty meanings, which made the writing more convoluted without adding to the argument. For example, my usage of “becomes irrelevant,” “dissolved,” and “ceased” to describe racial barriers was redundant, because all three words or phrases had largely the same meaning (“Race Relations” 4). The redundancy can be attributed to my old habit writing long sentences to create a façade of advanced writing. The use of such words was redundant, and took up unnecessary space on the page. Another instance of uneconomical writing was redundant analysis. The sentence “[n]ovels that have high cultural and literary impact should be read in class” was redundant because it was a popular opinion that many readers already shared

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