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Upon completing my first semester of college, I would say that the moment I will most likely remember most is the preparation of my Portfolio for my Africana Studies 115 APPR University Writing class. While working on the assignment, reviewing and organizing each iteration along with the revisions to each and every exercise within the selected progression, I noticed the high level of critical thinking that I applied to my work throughout the semester. This level of critical thinking was something I could not see myself doing prior to my college experience. Another highlighted memory will be the fact that I developed a greater degree of camaraderie with my classmates. Usually, interactions with other individuals in a class, with whom I am not well acquainted, produced very poor results. As a result of AFRS115, I learned how to budget my time, focus my energy, utilize my creativity and work in collaboration with others to successfully complete an assignment. An excellent example of which is my most recent group project available for viewing at the following link: Originally, upon entering this class, I assumed it would be a relatively easy class. My assumption was based on the fact that I had always done well in previous writing classes, was highly successful in them and did not struggle. However, as the weeks progressed, I soon realized that this class would prove to be the greatest adversity than any other class

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