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One of the greatest challenges I have faced during my high school career occurred during my sophomore year. It was during the planning of this year that I had decided to commit myself to completing a difficult course schedule while continuing to be active in school activities including clubs and various sports. As a part of my course load, I had chosen to register for AP World History, which historically speaking, is one of the most demanding courses offered at Avon High School because of the wealth of reading and memorization required to establish a strong understanding of the materials. My brother had successfully taken the class several years earlier and felt it was pivotal in helping him better understand the world, as well as cultural and religious differences. My parents on the other hand were resistant, and tried to persuade me to take other classes to seek this type of understanding, but I felt strongly that I could face the challenges that came with this class and grow through the experience. When the class began, I very quickly realized what obstacles would lie ahead for me just upon the immense structure of the syllabus that our instructor designed. One task that posed hardship for me was reading an entire lengthy chapter in the assigned text within a three day period and then taking copious notes, all while memorizing facts within the chapter study. The underlying information within the texts was new and exciting but extremely detailed and difficult. This

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