Reflection Essay

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I learned a lot in my life like math, history, fitness, health, etc. Though I always had one curriculum that catch my interest than others. That subject would be english as the one that caught my eye as one might say. I was always fansticated with the certain techniques and skills you can learn from it. The expressiveness that people can learn from that subject and put what they learn into something big like for example writing an play, movie, skits, etc is truly something special. So as young adult I find myself willing to learn these intrestic skills that many talented writers have master and I have belief that my techniques will be sharpen to mastery. In english 102 I can proudly say that those beliefs did happen as the class went further through days and weeks so did my progression as a researcher and writer that in factly impact my future career. I own to the teacher and support programs in the school that provided me this which I couldn’t thrive without.

The mind is the most important tool for the human services, for to have the capability to learn and critically think is the main reasons why humans are the most developed organisms on earth. So as having that in mind, it would be only reasonable to benefit from expanding my knowledge on all information I can get. English 102 Composition and Research is one of my curriculum that provided interesting writing, researching and APA skills to learn. In which will be helpful in future courses, potential
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