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During the first semester of this English course, I have discovered that it was a challenging and exhausting class because of the constant learning and discipline. Although this class was not what I expected, I began to realize the importance of the academic challenge because it was for my own benefit. Although I have failed to meet many of my own expectations, such as my writing exams and assessments, I believe I overcame my comfort zone and I created more opportunities for myself and my PIE. I have supported myself and my PIE in every aspect. I experienced many challenges due to many issues regarding assignments or exams, but it is evident that I have shown growth through my academic improvements and work ethics. I strongly believe that I deserve an A- because I have proved my understanding throughout this semester.
From the beginning of this semester, I have focused on a variety of literary and poetry terms because I believed it would create a better understanding of how I perceive each story I read. It is clear that I did take extra notes on the different terms that we discussed to fulfill my understanding of the assignment. I explored and analyzed each term by taking notes online, therefore, on my literary exam, I received an A-. For the playwright Twelve Angry Men, I specifically researched the prosecution and crime process as well as analyzing the background of the jurors. I believe that I took extra time to complete the academic challenge because I have conducted

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