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The writing process we practiced during this assignment was quite tedious. The Classes seemed to drag on forever. Since we had the class so early in the morning the motivation to write just wasn’t present. Our writing process was parted in so many different sections, that made it somewhat easier and more difficult at the same time. I didn't have to write it all in one sitting, if i did i would have gotten bored with it. Since our classes are every other day and there are sometimes weekends and I would sort of forget my train of thought from last class and am not able to pick up where i left off. Some parts of the story i got really into and cared about, while other parts of the story i just wanted to get it over with and just wrote down…show more content…
As they rushed, the beeps cried out more incessantlthan the doctors could movey. The room was now hectic, and only seconds after that little cut and mistake, the screen sounded a single, steady tone, showeding a green flat line, and under that all the high numbersvital statistics had all changed to zeros.” During this time I was very unclear on where i wanted this story to go, and what really helped me during this process is teachers comments.These helped me so much i had no idea where i was going with my story and this just got me on track and helped me figure out what i really wanted my story to become it helped me so much and i know the story would be so much different without his help. When i wrote these with prewriting notes I had the basic ideas on what i wanted to do I think they help a little bit because i don't feel like i'm going into the story blind and i don't get off topic as much so this helped me out. I did need a little bit more help with the topic because I just really was unsure of what i wanted to do which is where an outline comes in. Personally I am not a fan of outlines because they are hard to write and then they make me feel restricted, which i don't like and somewhat gives me writer's block. I think that this writing was very important and i'm glad mr. Curtis helped me fix it because without this paragraph the story would have no extreme drama or suspense so i'm glad i was able to make it very suspenseful and keep readers at the

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