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I would like to think that I had some significant growth as a writer in my first semester as a college student. My rhetorical analysis essay, persuasive essay, and reflective analysis essay were all very different from each other in how I approached them and felt about them, but each one helped me grow as a writer in different ways. The rhetorical analysis was my first college essay so I felt some extreme self-imposed pressure to do well on it. I really enjoy writing persuasive essays because it causes you to form your own opinions and support them with evidence. My least favorite essay would most likely have to be the reflective analysis essay. I absolutely despise sharing my thoughts and emotions with people, let alone writing them. Beginning the essay was extremely difficult for me. However, I did found it to be the easiest essay to write once I had all my ideas gathered together. The point is, these three essays all had their pros and cons to them, but nonetheless, they each helped me grow as a writer in their own way, which helped me reach many of the stated outcomes for this class. This paper examines some of my work in these essays and describes how I was able to reach some of the course objectives. The project that I felt most proud about would have to be the persuasive essay. I put a ton of time and effort into writing that essay. Not only did I edit that essay the most out of all the essays I wrote this semester, but I also took a lot of time doing research for
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