Reflection Essay : The Aspects Of Happiness And Happiness In My Life

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Happiness I am not a victim. I am a not broken. But, I am recovered. There is one word that slices through my skin, this word has has 7 letters, is passive, and changes lives forever. This word is: Bullied. People often tell me that they want to be as positive as me, I am a very bubbly positive person and have made it a goal in my life to make others feel better about themselves. Self worth is very important in my life because for the majority of my life I did not feel that there was such thing. I went through very sad times where I did not feel as though I was enough, I did not think that there was a point to life, I just felt sad. But, sadness is not necessarily a bad thing, it makes you stronger. From elementary school until…show more content…
Then came 5th grade, I made a friend, she was cute and fun and made me smile. My parents were finally able to breathe, as they knew my life was getting better. Fast forward to 6th grade, my dear ole friend and I took different paths of life in middle school. I was no longer “cool enough” to run with her crowd. Every roller coaster goes up and down, and in 6th grade I was at an all time low, I was alone. Again. This was not a surprise to me, instead it was normal and I figured that eventually I would be discluded again. I did not know how soon this would happen, but one year had been my longest run so far. Middle school is all about preparing for high school, it is about gaining independence, but it also is a time of adolescence, a time that hormones run high and a time that kids are mean. Yes, mean. Cliques begin to form and reputations are made. I did not “click” with any of these groups as hard as I tried. I tried to impress everyone and tried very hard to just fit in with someone. 6th grade turned into one of the hardest years of my life, I ended up falling into a major slump, I was simply unhappy. I am a strong student, I love school, I love class, and I got to the point where I no longer wanted to go to school. I began meeting with a social counselor once again and my mother started making phone calls to the school because she was fed up with seeing me so miserable. I
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