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Reflections Both simple and complex reflections were used. A simple reflection used towards the beginning of the interview transpired into, “pretty active out doing a lot of things.” Alternatively, a complex reflection used when reflecting on Sarah’s feelings about what her friends think about her not socializing subsisted of, “it bothers you thinking about them, wondering about your intentions.” I used twice as many complex reflections as simple reflections. Unfortunately, I should have used many more complex reflections so there was two reflections for every question instead of the other way around. In order to reflect the amount of fun she had with friends, I could have said, “It sounds like you had a ton of fun just hanging out…show more content…
Instead of asking another open question of, “would you be ok with that?” I should have used a complex reflection, “socializing, re-establishing old friendships and engaging in activities you once enjoyed is an option that intrigues you.” This may have been more effective at pushing toward those feelings of why she really wants to be more social.
Only a few summaries were offered throughout the interview and I did not end with a summary like I had intended. The summary that reflected more change talk was, “you had a lot of fun, it made you happy to go out and do things, go to the mountains, go to the bars, go to movies, just hang out with friends, and you’re telling me that all changed when you went into grad school and you believe you used that as an excuse to not go out, do I have that right? I gave it back to the client, but did not end on change talk. I should have switched it around, started with acknowledging how Sarah was using grad school as an excuse and then I could have ended on change talk with all the reasons why she enjoyed socializing in the past. Another improvement would have been to use more summaries throughout the conversation. The final summary should have been, “you got to the point where grad school was an excuse not to socialize, but now you are thinking more about how much you value your friendships and

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