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In my time as a student at Winthrop University I have been a part of many different experiences that have molded me into the future educator that I hope to become. Some of the biggest experiences that have helped shape me are my class time in CRTW 201, my class time in EDUC 220, and my time teaching private lessons with the Clover High School Band Program. Each of these experiences has played a large role in helping me become the teacher I am today and the teacher that I aspire to be. The first experience that shaped my view of teaching was my class time in CRTW 201. While the majority of Winthrop students does not enjoy attending any general education classes, this one was different. I always enjoyed going to CRTW because the class…show more content…
Through the course of the semester, we created assessments related to our content areas and give them to other students in our major. This class revealed to me why assessment is important and the best way to assess in a music classroom. Through this process, I realized that students need just as much of a “written knowledge” of the content as they do a “playing knowledge”. This aligns with Standard 4. Assessment, Element 1. The teacher candidate designs, selects, and implements valid, reliable, and appropriately differentiated assessments that are aligned with short and long term goals. In my future classroom, I will take the knowledge that I have acquired and create many different types of assessments to gauge my students’ learning. The most significant experience during my time at Winthrop, has been the opportunity to teach private music lessons at Clover High School. I was fortunate to be given to opportunity to work with the bands at Clover High School since I first started at Winthrop. One of the first things I noticed when I started working over there is that this school was very different than the school climate I came from. It took a few weeks of getting to know the students for me to figure out why I was struggling to get through to them. The problem I was having was getting them to buy/keep up with anything on paper that I assigned to them. I quickly realized that giving them digital copies of stuff would let them have access

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