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Reflection on your personal development Reflection is a major factor in "developing self-awareness" to improve services provided to everyone around me, this is to develop my own understanding in realising the good and bad made previously. Moving forward with a better understanding, as well as rectifying the mistake whilst recognizing the good points, (Horton-Deutsch and Sherwood, 2008).
Working in a domiciliary setting and visiting vulnerable adults within their homes, I am constantly trying to provide a better service and care towards them and this is where reflection is crucial as this improves the quality of my job performance, providing me with a learning curve for the future. Since starting the course there have been many
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Jackson and Thurgate, (2011) have stated PDP plan and a SWOT analysis "enables support workers to focus their workplace activities on achieving structured and achievable goals" this will help analysis the reality of reaching their target.
Reflecting on time management is important due to the service users well-being and so Bach and Ellis (2011) have mentioned that in order to progress further, I need to achieve time framed tasks, valuing the importance of time is vital to developing better time management. Leading me to build confidence gradually and this also helps me work well within a team. Partaking in small group meetings to encourage my communication, linking theory to practice, also thinking before speaking, positive attitude with good breathing techniques will assist in better confidence within myself for future in practice and in university.
At work, there are policies and procedures in place, if any incident occurs and there are also self-evaluation forms and reflective supervisions with the manager every three months in order to be able to reflect on ourselves in practice. While in practice a service user had to wait for a while before we could attend to him because of miscommunication between the multidisciplinary team. This short falling could have been avoided,
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