Reflection For Teacher Assessment

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Teacher Assessment Overview
In this activity, I organized a workshop for Math, English, Science and K-5 classroom teachers in order to have teachers use data from MAP Growth and/or MAP Growth K–2 and instructional resources from the “Learning Continuum” to inform instructional planning and differentiated instruction. I attended several formal teacher evaluations and post observation meetings throughout the 2016-2017 school year. I also participated the math support teacher and English teachers hiring interviews.
The program assessment activity is aligned with “Standard 6. Professional Capacity of School Personnel” because it is important to build our teachers’ capacity and move our student achievement. The Program outcome #2, “Employ evidence-based strategies, including observation and high-quality professional development, and intellectual processes to support teachers as they strengthen content delivery, instructional effectiveness, and assessment for all students” is aligned with my internship activity because as school leaders, we need to make sure that teachers receive high quality professional developments where they strengthen their skills throughout their career. According to Mizel (2010), an effective professional development can be achieved by engaging teachers to focus on the needs of students.
Summary of the Activity
Teacher evaluation
I attended several walkthroughs and formal observations during the 2016- 2017 school year. I evaluated a middle school
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