Reflection : How Alter Has Altered Me

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REFLECTION: HOW ALTER HAS ALTERED ME Reading The Art of Biblical Narrative by Robert Alter has both stirred up uncomfortable uncertainty about the Old Testament (and the Bible in general), as well as sparked a newfound love for the text that I have never experienced before. It takes a fair amount of time and contemplation in order to process any sort of new and unfamiliar situation, so before divulging how I have personally been affected by this book, I wish to say that I have not figured out every single emotion completely and I am continuing to decipher how I feel about certain aspects that were covered by Alter. What I can say for sure that will be covered more in depth later is that I believe that I have been overall altered for the better, despite the mixed feelings that have arisen from the text. I will cover the negative emotional responses before highlighting the positive ideas that I have been able to take away for myself. Firstly, have a sudden sense of confusion that pertains to the Bible and what it is. I am confused because I have come from a background where I have had very little church experience, but nevertheless, the Bible has always been described to me as the inspired word of God. The Bible, I was taught, was inerrant and completely without error. No one ever gave me a reason why I was supposed to believe this, only that I had to have faith that this was indeed the case. The result of reading Alter, as one can imagine, rocked my world in this
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