Reflection: Human Resource Development

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HRD: Worksheet 1 Human resource development (HRD) had little meaning to me before I decided to take this class. I had some involvement with the Human resources department in the past few summers while being oriented into my intern position, but never to a great extent. After listening to lectures and reading the assigned readings, I have now developed a greater understanding of HRD and what it entails. I understand Human resource development as the proper preparation of employees for their positions and future growth. Workers are an asset to a company and businesses hire people who they think will better their occupation and in the end, reach the company’s goals or earn them more profits. However, most of the beginners on the job will not be ready to dive right in to workplace and will need a proper training before they are let loose. Disregarding to empower a company’s own workforce can in the end, be extremely detrimental to a business. It is so important that a company…show more content…
One of the most important parts of HRD is alignment with the goals and desires of the business. Companies need to make sure that their employees are being properly taught and put in the same direction as that of the company. In a CIPD survey on learning and development, it was pointed out on page 7 that multiple organizations are having trouble with newcomers being properly aligned with their institutions (CIPD 2015, p.7). Some possible causations of this problem are, “Lack of clarity regarding the business strategy […] due to poor leadership”. (CIPD 2015, p.8). Additional causes pointed out were when a company changes its goals and procedures, and these may not trickle all the way down to the lower levels of employment (CIPD 2015). Similarly, problems like social politics throughout the company or unsteady and not clearly defined business goals in general, hinder the ability to form solid organizational alignment (CIPD
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