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This semester is coming to an end soon. As I reflect on my work in you English 073 class, I can see very clear how much I have learned and improved as a reader as well as a write since the start of the semester. Being in your class has showed me a very valuable lesson which is how to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and learned from them. During the course of this semester, I was able to engage in several assignments and peer edited few of them. The feedbacks that you gave me helped me a lot because it made me conscious of my mistakes and what I needed to to fix them. In the reading section, my portfolio includes the following, The other Wes Moore assignments intro through chapter 4. In the writing section, the portfolio includes the following, definition, narrative, descriptive…show more content…
These assignments emphasize my reading skills and comprehension. They have helped me improve my reading comprehension and critical thinking. Out of all of my 5 reading assignments, there are 2 that I feel that needs to be discuss in details. First, one of the most important assignment of the reading section is The other Wes Moore Intro. This is a very important assignment because it explains the beginning of the story and how the story will develop throughout the book. It also explains how the life of the characters is and their past which had consequences how they are now in the future.In this assignment, I had to summarize and respond to the intro of The other Wes Moore. This was my very first reading assignment in you English 073 class. In this assignment, I encountered few problems which I think at that time it was a weakness. I had a trouble organizing the essay and writing sentences in the correct structure.My strength in this assignment was that I was able to easily located the main details and theme of the

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