Reflection In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In this eye-opening book, Night by Elie Wiesel, it became very obvious that, not only his view on the world, but his view on others and himself changed dramatically throughout the book. He changed mentally and became stronger in the mind, the things he went through had changed his whole body, leaving scars and showing his rib cage from lack of food, and his beliefs in God and humanity. His human right on how he wanted to grow up was taken from him and instead he was handed the brink of life or death, along with his father, who was constantly on the edge of death. He often questioned the fact that God was on their side, given the fact that he and thousands more were tortured, beaten, and killed everyday. He also questioned why God would want them to go through this; was it to make them stronger people… or did God just want them to suffer? In the Shmoop video, it states that, “Not only can our bodies be tortured, but our souls as well.” Elie Wiesel goes through absolute hell everyday and survives it. He was beaten and hurt multiple times by the people watching over them. He was tortured physically. But, he also had to watch his own father decay and struggle. Elie went through so much emotional struggles in the beginning of the book, but later on he started to lose the ability to cry, for he was all out of tears to spare. He became stronger in the mind and heart. On page 22, it says that Elie cried when he prayed, showing that he had emotions just as everyone

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