Reflection: Initial Scenarios

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In this reflection I will be addressing aspects of the rubric needed during my initial video and how I felt I met those aspects when completing the task, I will also be mentioning how I will try to improve the areas I am lacking in. The initial video mimicked an initial consult that we would experience during out internal placement and through reflection of this video we will be able to identify ways we can improve and adapt that to a future-learning plan so we can become successful in these skills. It will help us to make decisions in our own learning and be critical in our thinking. There are a lot of areas where improvement is needed due to be unfamiliar with initial consults as I have been mostly observing in internal placement and I understand that with practice I will improve and with this reflection it will be easier for me to identify the exact areas I need improvement on and what areas I can do well and how to use those skills to help adapt and improve on other areas.

Open body language needs to be present during motivational interviewing this allows the patient to feel more relaxed and the client perceives the practitioner to be more approachable. This can be achieved through keeping your arms out the sides opposed to them being crossed in
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As I have not had a lot of practice with this I felt like I still did miss some information and when trying to summarise some of the information gathered I lost my train of thought and was not able to execute these principles properly. Active listening allows empathy and appreciation towards the information that is being shared, this helps the client believe that what they are saying is seen as valuable and that you have their best interests at hand (Gonzalez, 2009). This is what I would like my clients to feel when I am conducting an initial
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