Reflection Memo of 'Every Cook Can Govern'

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Subject: Reflection Memo of “Every Cook Can Govern” By C L R James Overview James adopted Greeks’ idea that equality and democracy are interchangeable terms and believed that extreme equality leads to radical (best) democracy. However, this assumption is not true. Unless James makes more efforts to explain the relationship between liberty and equality, to analyze the danger of excessive equality, and to provide more information of the extent of political equality in the ancient Greek, the argument will not be quite convincing. The Point I Disagree On In the article, the author was attempting to advocate direct democracy in the ancient Greek. He pointed out that, for Greeks, equality and democracy are completely the same things and adopted this belief. Therefore, the Greek’s direct democracy and its basis – sortition which are viewed as a symbols of extreme equality could be the best ways of democracy. As far as I am concerned, I think that the logic behind the author’s argument that extreme equality leads to the most radical wrong. The components of democracy are more comprehensive than political equality, and the excessive emphasis on political equality would be dangerous to democracy. Explanation of Disagreement To figure out the relation between democracy and equality, we first need to decide what democracy is. Even educated Americans can be confused about democracy, seduced by its doubles, and complacent in there ignorance. However,

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