Reflection : My Curriculum Connections With Writing And Science

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For my curriculum connections I would connect Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIHM with writing and Science. For the Writing connection I would have students individually write about their world from the point of view of a mouse. I would ask the students to imagine they were a field mouse living in Farmer Fitzgibbon’s garden at the beginning of Spring, before the preparations for plowing. In addition, I would ask them to consider what it would look like when spring was first starting for their scenery and where they would build their house. Here, they have the option to be rather creative, using commonly found objects on a farm to create a living space would be their main objective of this specific part. Then, I would have students brainstorm ideas to include in their story by listing certain ideas on a piece of paper before beginning their writing assignment. To assist, I would ask them questions such as: Imagine how the world would look differently if you were a tiny mouse, only a few inches tall. What would the scenery around you look like? What would you build your home out of? What types of things would you include in your house (remember to use only items you’d find laying around and could carry as a mouse)? Afterward, I would have the students begin their writing assignments and assess them on their ability to not only include appropriate answers to the questions asked, but on their grammar abilities and structure of their piece as well. To connect Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIHM to science the students would explore characteristics of real field mice such as their size, life expectancy, their diet, their ability to get food and water, shelter and their defenses against predators. After exploring each element of the common field mouse, students will compare their findings to the characteristics of Mrs. Frisby from the book. Students will be divided into partners of three and be given a Venn diagram. Students will work together in their groups to discover what is similar about the real field mice and Mrs. Frisby and what characteristics are different. Afterward, I would have students brainstorm ideas how a real field mouse could use their characteristics and adaptations to solve Mrs. Frisby’s problem.
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