Reflection: My Field Experience At Laster High School

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During the course of my field experience at Laster High School, I had the opportunity to discuss in great lengths about how to successfully collaborate with fellow teachers, respond to student issues, and gather data to effectively conduct assessment and teach within the classroom environment. At Laster High School, each teacher is given a planning and lunch period that allows them the opportunity to connect with others within their workspace and seek feedback over programs and requirements taking place in the school. In order to foster this collaborating environment that history department had one planning period as whole where they had the ability to meet and as a team discuses relevant issues and challenges they were facing throughout the…show more content…
This allowed the students to not be aware that administration had been notify and was in route to that classroom to remove the students and talk about what was going on and the best way to deal with the conflict. One of the key areas my collaborating teacher was part of as her role as the department lead was serving on data assessment team. Based on the findings and work she had completed within the data assessment group the History department had clear guidelines and expectations of the types of materials and content to cover within their classrooms. Laster High School has built based on the data they have collected customized study aids for students preparing for the AP and EOC/milestone tests that occur each year. Based on all the resources that the school had developed and is currently utilizing students have the ability to succeed within the classroom and outside of the classroom when preparing themselves. As a future teacher, I believe it will be important to my success to identify current programs that the school is already utilizing while learning how to develop programs based on the local data and collaborative resources within the
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