Reflection Of A Beautiful Mind

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In the historical fiction drama set during the Cold War, A Beautiful Mind is a true story based on the life of John Nash. John Nash a socially awkward man who happens to be a genius mathematician, who goes through life that turns out to be one of his imagination due to his schizophrenia. This leads him to imagine people, places, and jobs he has and places it all on the shoulders of his confused and scared wife Alisha. Throughout this story we see the part of his life that he imagined, such as the people in his life, his best friend Charles Herman and his make believe boss William Parcher. Due to his schizophrenia he believes that he works as a top secret spy for the FBI against the Russians. This goes as far as his wife believing that all of this is true until one day the truth is revealed. After Nash is sent to a hospital for his conditions he gets pills which are supposed to help with his disability. Everything is going well until he can no longer see the patterns which makes him goes off his pills sending him back in a downward spiral of hallucinations. Once he is off his medicine, he begins to see the patterns that he wanted, but with that came the other things like his job, his friend, and his boss. Seeing these people again worries his wife, and puts her and their newborn son in danger. Worried about her husband Alicia calls Dr. Rosen to get John help. Finally, after an altercation he finally comes to terms with his illness and agrees to get help. The movie then
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