Reflection Of A Community Service

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The aim of this essay is to reflect on my learning and development primarily during the process of the community service that I have done with my team at St. Barnabas home, Klang. I will also be writing on the importance my experiences, evaluating my own development and examine the issues encountered before, during and after October 22nd. Besides, I will be highlighting on my learning styles, role as the Vice Organizing Chairperson in my team and how have I improved as an individual after this community service project.
By the end of this service, I learned that my team and I are mostly action-orientated people. According to the Belbin’s nine team roles model, I am a mixture of the shapers and implementers. I could not decide on which role do I fall the most because throughout this journey, I have been dynamically stimulating my team to give our best and training them to be both disciplined and organized (Enciso, 2012), when carrying out our individual duties. For an example, I encouraged my team to bring in more volunteers from their circles of friends and families so that we would have more helping hands to serve the children at the home. Besides, I also made sure that every meeting minutes are clearly typed and printed out
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Firstly, my open area is that I am both a disciplined and practical person. Secondly, my hidden area is that I seldom discuss my issues or negative feelings to other. For example, I tried to solve the issue of compiling the videos for the final report presentation by myself without discussing the stressful workload on the editing part to my team members. However, I am still unsure of what are my blind and unknown areas. I am still working on being a more critical and reflective person so that I can discover more of these regions on

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