Reflection Of A Long Time

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For a long time I knew that I was suppose to be, act, and think purely. I didn’t think of it that much when I was younger, but as I began to grow up and I entered high school; I started to realize that not everybody was brought up to think that. I’ve had several conversations with friends where all they seem to do is question my belief in purity. They’ve told me so many things like, “why do you need to stay pure?”, “are you really gonna wait till marriage”, “that’s so dumb”, “no one even does that anymore”... blah blah blah and I can go on forever. But the truth is that I never had a response. All I could think of is to say, “ Well I’m catholic… so yea…” I never had a legitament reason. I never knew what to say back and I even began to question myself. “Why do I need to stay ‘pure’ or wait for marriage?” “Is it really that important?” “ Wouldn’t God want me to have a little fun?” Well it wasn’t until I lived this retreat and began teaming on it that I realized the meaning behind purity and I finally found not only one, but several reasons to stay pure. I decided to put my thoughts on paper and share a few of them with you. Number 1. Purity is a gift from God. I always like to think of it as this beautiful white dress that he gave each an everyone one of us the day we were born. Now, you wear this dress everywhere you go and you proudly work it. But then…, temptations come along, and you get yourself into situations where you might damgage your dress (a.k.a. Your purity).
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