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Retreating to Reflect and Recharge Rothschild (2014) believed that retreats offer opportunities for individuals to “visualize, organize, prioritize, and energize” (p. 10). These temporary escapes create intentional time for individuals to reflect and assess their daily circumstances from a different perspective. Reflective leadership retreats can result in valuable insights for both individuals and groups. Description of Leadership Retreat Dreher Park in West Palm Beach, Florida served as the backdrop for the seven-hour leadership retreat that I took part in along with Mark Giarrizzo, Geralda Joseph, and Erik Thebeau on Sunday, November 16, 2014. During this full-day retreat, time was predominantly spent alone reading and journaling,…show more content…
The next morning, I awoke with a fresh perspective on a few of the dilemmas and decisions related to my job and my family with which I had been recently wrestling. Additionally, the morning brought with it welcome feelings of energy and optimism. The experience allowed me to, as Shryock (2011) described it, “unplug from electronic obligations and recharge the human battery” (p. 9). Learning from Nouwen Readings Nouwen’s (1989) work served as the primary text for our periods of reading and self-reflection. The following sub-sections will summarize the lessons I learned from the book. Leadership Lessons Accepting Nouwen’s (1989) characterization of a Christian leader as one who “thinks, speaks, and acts in the name of Jesus” challenged me to consider the fundamental ways in which Christian leaders should lead differently (p. 86). This notion shifted my perspective from seeing Christianity as an ethical framework that undergirds leaders’ actions and decisions to truly embracing the apostle Paul’s challenge to the Corinthians that they act as Christ’s ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20). Furthermore, Nouwen’s belief that Christian leaders should, like Jesus, be seen as irrelevant and completely vulnerable resonated with me. Christ-following leaders must seek spiritual truth for the daily, real-world problems that they face both at work and at home. Personal Lessons The retreat readings caused me to

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