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First of all I would like to thank you for the time and hard work you put in this semester to teach my classmates and me. This semester I learned a lot in your class such as APA style writing, how to write different format essays and Bloom’s Taxonomy. In your course I not only learned how to become a better learner but also a better person. I still remember how nervous I was feeling the first day of class. This was my first semester attending college, which made me feel worse. Since the first day I came into your class I was expecting this course to help me improve my writing skills in English one specific assignment that I consider to be helpful in my writing skills was the thesis tweeter assignment . I consider spelling to be my greatest weakness in writing because my first language is Spanish and I have a lot of trouble learning English. In this letter I will let you know what I learned and how I have met the program's standards of focus, development and clarity because I have practice APA style, writing assays and using Bloom’s Taxonomy
When I was in my senior year of high school, I learned a little about writing in APA style. In your course I learned that I was making some mistakes when I thought I was using APA style the correct way. Something that I considered to be very helpful for me was getting the help from the librarian on how to use APA style using different kind of sources such as books, newspapers and videos.The yellow sheet he gave us in his presentation was allot of help throughout the semester because I would always use it when It was time to do writing assignments. Learning how to properly use Apa style was very helpful for me because now I apply those skills on my assignments and I do a better job than before. Now I feel way more comfortable and confident while writing. Before learning the proper way of using APA style I was always unsure If I was giving credit to the sources I was using. I'm planning on applying this writing skill in and out of class to have a clear and smooth writing when It gets to give credit to sources.
Throughout the semester we practice literature by writing several essays such as diagnostic, narrative, current event and common exit essay. In all these four essays

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