Reflection Of An Effective Teacher : My Experience Of A Teacher

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The transition from student to teacher is filled with realizations and recollections of how school systems work. Therefore, in order for students to become successful teachers, they must acknowledge their past experiences and reflect on them in the present. Reflection, along with the creation of goals and understanding how students learn, provides teachers with the right tools to become effective. These educational skills can be found in any classroom, as the qualities of an effective teacher can exist for all grade levels. To start, my past experiences of education have shaped the way I view teaching. Luckily, for the majority of my educational career, I have had positive learning experiences; I was gifted effective teachers that strove for student success. I now understand that this was accomplished by their development of goals and acknowledgment of educational theories. Personally, I have been introduced to numerous types of learning. Prominently, lecture-based teaching dictated most of my school days. Although not utterly interactive, I did not mind these classes because I am able to keep myself engaged throughout the instruction. Unfortunately, I know this focus is not found within all students and thus lecture-based teaching alone does not help students prosper. Therefore, in my experience, lectures were usually intertwined with hands-on lessons such as labs and group projects to promote creativity and a deeper understanding of the material. Realizing this
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