Reflection Of Being An Economist

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Once in my childhood, my father said to me that I have to give full of respect to whatever people I am facing in, although to the people whom I disagree with. He said, “At least you show your respect to him/her as human being”. Later I know that Voltaire happened to say, ”I disagree with your opinion, however, I will defend your rights to speak ”. His advice has been inspiring me until today, when I have been trained to use participant’s view in my PhD research. The importance of listening to the voice of the people has been illuminated me as an Economist who has been taught mostly by quantitative approaches, particularly during my bachelors and master studies. I also remember that once during my childhood, my mother once gathered my brothers, my sisters and myself. We were received manisan, an Indigenous food from our grandmother. We were so happy as we were not living and grown as a rich family. Therefore, the present from our grandmother became something…show more content…
I started to read about my own people and culture: Sundanese, Sundanese people and culture, and its institutions. It was quite strange at the beginning, but also fascinating. It is strange because I am searching for something, which I used to take it for granted: my own culture. I did not believe that although I has been growing up as a Sundanese, however, I have less knowledge about it. It is fascinating, because it brought me to such a way that I am searching my own culture, finding my self-identity and searching for myself. The PhD journey became a combination between professional and personal journeys. The combination process between my PhD research with the IMM project, was implemented until 2013. During that time, I found so many interesting subjects from the importance of cosmology and development, local participations, as well traditional-modern cultural
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