Reflection Of Clinical Practice

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This reflective essay will discuss three skills that I have leant and developed during my placement. The three skills that I will be discussing in this essay are bed-bath, observing a corpse being prepared for mortuary and putting canulla and taking it out. These skills will be discussed in this essay using (Gibb’s, 1988) model. I have chosen to use Gibb’s model because I find this model easier to use and understand to guide me through my reflection process. Moreover, this model will be useful in breaking the new skills that I have developed into a way that I can understand. This model will also enable me to turn my experiences into knowledge that I can refer to in the future when facing same or similar situations. Gibbs model seems to be…show more content…
When washing my patient I ensured at all times that I covered areas of the body that I was not washing at that time so make sure that I treated my patient with dignity and respect as well giving privacy to my patient. Feelings When my mentor first asked me to wash the patient, I felt nervous and scared as I did not want to get anything in the process wrong. I also felt scared because this was going to be my first time doing a bed-bath on my own whilst my mentor was observing me. Moreover, I had never washed a male patient before so at first I felt embarrassed for myself and for the patient himself as he was being washed by a female nurse whilst the other one (my mentor) observed. This is because some of the patients in my ward often refused to be washed by female nurses for personal and privacy reasons. I felt anxious that if I do anything wrong I would hurt my patient by accident. I also stated to worry about whether the patient would understand me when I try to communicate with him for example when I ask my patient to roll over so I can put a new sheet for his comfort. When it came to cleaning the area near the stoma I felt even more apprehensive and I did not want my mentor or my patient to notice my nervousness as the patient would have felt that I was not capable and not aware of what I was doing. When all of a sudden my patient started to cough and looking a bit distressed I began to think that I was not doing something right and was causing distress to him. I
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