Reflection Of Communication Analysis

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What is the tone of the meeting. The plan is to create a rational yet subjective tone that discusses expected results. This will ensure that while an adherence to data and facts are prevalent in the presentation, subjective considerations are presented and forwarded as important elements in the decision-making process. I will begin with an introduction of who I am, my experience and a clear statement of specifically why I feel I have been hired and what I can directly bring to the company (in this part I will try to engage those I feel we can initiate an alliance with while not directly antagonizing the limiters). Finally, I will end with a clear plan including our vision of communication. As stated previously, I will be as transparent as possible because of the need to create trust in myself and the communication division as a whole. The department vision presented initially will be quite lean and minimal with the focus being on quality over quantity. The focus of our energy will be on channels and tactics that have a better chance to deliver disproportional results to build momentum and support for our new department such as the go ahead for a communications audit and the need to invest in the necessary staff and infrastructure to achieve this.
What are our goals going into the meeting?
• To create a presentation that has senior exec clearly understand the objectives of our plan.
• To create a feeling of involvement and value - get commitment to contribute to
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