Reflection Of Education As A Teacher

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As I entered my tenth-year teaching, I began to reflect. I began to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about areas where I need to grow as a teacher. I often look on websites like Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Twitter in amazement. There are numerous teachers with incredible ideas, who are reaching learners in many unique ways. After perusing sites and daydreaming, I decided I would go back to school to further my education. When I began reading the assignment details for the Instructional Video I quickly remembered this is the exact reason I decided to go back to school. I knew the assignment would be challenging, but rewarding. I am familiar with how to create a PowerPoint, but I have never used any of the narration features. As a teacher YouTube is a valuable resource, but I never fathomed that I would upload my own videos to support my students. The thought of creating a video on a resource I frequently utilize in my classroom was extremely exciting.
Being familiar with the basics of PowerPoint helped a lot during the creation of the instructional video. This year, my fourth-grade class enjoyed a science unit on force and motion. They spent the entire unit working with hands-on models and experimenting. This required me to have instructions readily available for the students. The instructions were typed using Microsoft word. I also used my camera to take pictures of the steps for students who had trouble with written directions. To create the
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