Reflection Of Education As A Teacher

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As I complete my final thoughts for this class, I have come to realize the importance of respecting others. As a future educator, its importance for me to understand the different social and culture values within the classroom. It’s my job to keep a positive environment that promotes learning for all (different ethnicities) students to success. There are plenty resources out there for teachers to utilize inside the classroom to incorporate different students’ cultures. For example, you can incorporate different books on different cultures inside your classroom library. As a teacher, it’s your job to make each child and family feel included. It’s our job to overcome those barriers and challenges that is associated with students who are immigrants. I’m willing to go the distance for my students, but first I need to understand and accept my own personal journey. It starts with understanding your own social identity; your social identity is how you establish yourself as a person.
My social identity contains all these characteristics: African American, a Christian, able-bodied, heterosexual female, working class family, and rural area placed. I really take pride in being an African American. African Americans have over came so much in history. Leaders like Martin Luther King, WEB DeBois, Rosa Parks, and others have open many doors for African Americans. For example, Rosa Park stood up against injustice and inequality; something that she believed in. In high school both my
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