Reflection Of Employability And Transferable Skills For Students

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This report vividly explains how reflection helps one think about their employability and transferrable skills. Reflective writing deals with both description and analysis which helps in clarifying thoughts, understanding important aspect and working out strategies in solving problems. Reflective writing is beneficial to individuals especially students. For individuals, it gives them the opportunity to think critically about what and why they do things and for academic perspective, it provides students the idea on their learning experience and helps them identify any academic issues they need to address.
Everyone has a different employability and transferable skill but I possess the following employability skills;
• communication skills, as a good writer and listener I believe these skills are mostly seen in my assignments and report writing and having oral presentation in class.
• Team work, being good in working with people in different organisations and class. This type of skill can be seen in my study group is university, being part of two different societies in university and a sports team leader
• Planning and organizing skills, I enjoy figuring out what is required in getting a job done and working out how and when it can be done. This can be seen in how I develop a personal study timetable and managing time around work and studies.
Transferable skills
Leadership skills, taking initiative in doing things on time. this can be demonstrated in my assignment as I
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