Reflection Of Faith Based Nursing

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Faith Based Nursing Following the Servant Christ, the early church took on the task of caring for and visiting the sick. A very important part of the church’s ministry from the beginning, has been healing and spiritual couseling. Parish Nursing began with the early work of deaconesses and other religious sisters who worked in parishes to provide whole person health promotion with an emphasis on spiritual care. The contemporary side of Parish Nursing was conceptualized by Reverend Granger Westberg as a result of his work with Holistic Health Centers in the 1970 's. In 1984 Reverend Westberg approached Lutheran General Health System, Park Ridge, Illinois, with the idea of partnering with local congregations in a parish nurse project. This resulted in six nurses being hired to work with six congregations. Represented in the six churches were two Roman Catholic Churches and four in the Lutheran and Methodist Churches (Vukelich, 2002). Today, the United States, Canada and many other parts of the world have Parish Nurses that are serving in the faith communities. When faith-based communities, parish nurses and community nurses form a partnership, the entire community will benefit from this partnership. Benefits of community nurses partnering with faith-based communities and parish nurses can help fill the gap in health services to poor and medically underserved individuals. By forming these partnerships we will have more people involved in the promotion of health and…

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