Reflection Of Film Making

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Coming into this class, I did not know what to expect. Unlike most of my classmates, I chose this class due to scheduling, rather than a pre-existing interest in and passion for this field. From the first film assignment to the last, I constantly learned new skills pertaining to filmmaking and storytelling. Before this class I did not know what being a filmmaker truly meant, and what all skills they must obtain and utilize to create a visually appealing and captivating film. My initial goal for the class was to make a B or higher, so my HUM 101 class did not pull down my GPA. My expectations for this class, watching movies and writing papers, were fulfilled by the first essay and the first couple of films. After the first month of class I had new expectations as well as a new goal for the semester. My new goal was to create films that have meaning and personality as well as continuing to learn new filmmaking skills. I became more interested in the process of filmmaking, and expected the class to provide opportunities for me to explore with filmmaking, I was not disappointed. I was not entirely sure what to do when the class was told to brainstorm ideas for the first film assignment. I recall thinking to myself: What am I going to do? I have not watched various documentaries like the rest of my class, so I do not know how this is done. What makes for a good story? Luckily, from writing narratives in high school I knew the answer to the last question. A good story
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