Reflection Of Food Inc

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Before watching Food, Inc., my knowledge of the food system was very minimal. I was aware that it was a large industry due to the society’s population but never thought about the harmful effects of it. It was shocking to learn about the horrors of the food industry being that we consume food every day. As seen in the movie, the large multinational companies that control the food system work their hardest to hide the truth about what we are eating. If companies were to reveal what happens behind closed doors, it is most likely consumers such as me would cease eating inorganic products. Numerous problematic aspects were shown throughout this film that needed to be resolved as quick as possible. It was mentioned that there are no seasons in the supermarket which is a very valid point that not a lot of people notice. All year round fruits are placed on shelves in our supermarkets. Since we are used to seeing this, we never realize that this is odd. For instance, Food, Inc. claims individuals can get tomatoes any time of the year. They are picked when they are green and ripened with ethylene gas. This is similar to apples that are sprayed with thiabendazole which causes birth defects. In order to resolve this is to stop buying conventional fruit. If there is a decrease in sale of these injected fruits it will lead to a decrease in production. A company is not going to continue releasing an item if they are not getting any sales. It is actually quite frightening

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