Reflection Of Genetic Communication For Nurses For Patients

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Recently I took care of a patient N.S, 77-year-old male diagnosed with pneumonia by an ER doctor. He transferred to hospital acute care medical unit after a few hours of stay in the ER. SBAR from ER gave information on N.S: No known allergies, full code, NIBP 158/83, Heart Rate (HR) 92 beats per minute, Temperature 36.8, respiration rate 18 breaths per minute, regular with decreased breath sounds to the bilateral bases lower lungs, SPO2 98% 0n 2LNP. N.S has an occasional productive cough and shortness of breath on exertion (SOBOE). N.S has a history of MI x 1 (dates not mentioned) and coronary artery bypass graft (2009), HTN, and hyperlipidemia, asthma (for unknown years).
More information on N.S or Patient as a Person
Getting to know the patient as a person is very important for nurses due to clinical judgement, decision making, patient advocacy as well as a clinical learning process (Day, Paul, Williams, Smeltzer, & Bare, 2010). By using effective therapeutic communication during patient assessment also help build rapport with patient. I introduced my self to patient as his nurse for the day and I found patient pleasant and co-operative. He verbally consented for further assessments. Patient stated he has had fever and chills 2 days prior to hospital admission. He has been coughing green/ yellow sputum as well. Patient denied any chest pain, he also denied any nausea/ vomiting. In addition to this information, I found out from ER notes that the patient has had a blood
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