Reflection Of Interpersonal Communication

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1. On Monday 23 May 2016, at approximately 1339hrs, I 6246 Leading Rate Joseph S was in my office at the Welfare/Housing department located at #31 St. Vincent Street Port of Spain. Present in the office at the time was Sgt Cassie R and L/Cpl Neptune. Whilst performing my daily duties in the office, I was about to use the telefax machine to make a copy of a document which is not an unusual function carried out by the members of the office. As I was about to do so, I was stopped by Sgt Cassie who said “yuh can’t copy nuttin they.” Being a bit confused about his uttered word I asked the question “why Sgt Cassie.” He then replied in a loud tone “don’t make no fucking copy LR.” I responded to the Sgt by saying “I am a grown woman bordering Petty…show more content…
While making the copy of the document in the. Receptionist .area I was approached by the Sgt who informed me to standby to see the Officer. Prior to the Sgt giving me that instruction, I had already made contact with Lieutenant Richardson, who is my Divisional Officer and informed him of circumstances surrounding the Sgt Cassie’s use of derogatory language towards me. 3. At approximately 1445hrs I received a phone call from the Defence Force Headquarters (DFHQ) switch board operator, informing me that from Sgt Cassie, I was required to report to the RSM at DFHQ on Tuesday 24 May 2016 for 0800hrs I replied "Roger." The following day I reported to the RSM WO1 D Voisin who had no knowledge of me having to see him on any matter discipline or otherwise. He said will be unable to see me since he was preparing to attend a meeting at 0900hrs that same morning. I informed my Divisional Officer on response from the RSM and he granted me leave. 4. .On Wednesday 25 May 2016 at about 703hrs I received a call from the Sgt via the office phone. He said “reference you seeing the RSM as you were." In an effort to clarify what the Sgt had just said, I asked if he could repeat himself. Once again he repeated “reference you seeing the RSM as you
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