Reflection Of Leadership

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Leadership – the ability to make strategic decisions and use communication effectively to mobilize group members toward achieving a common goal (Engleberg and Wynn 100). This leadership is necessary for all groups. Without it, they lack structure, motivation, and coordination. Whatever it may be, there is a common goal that needs to be achieved among groups, and it is imperative to have leadership in order for a group to obtain this goal. Thankfully, my presentation group had a competent leader who was able to effectively push us to achieve our goal. There are two basic ways in which a person may become the leader of a group; this is either by being chosen to lead or by simply emerging as a leader naturally. Emergent leaders often facilitate the most effective leadership. Ways to emerge as a leader include talking early and often, knowing more and sharing that knowledge, and offering one’s opinion’s and welcoming disagreement. These are all actions that my group’s emergent leader took part in.
My group members did not choose a leader, vastly because a leader so quickly and naturally emerged as we began meeting. It was apparent, frankly before we even got started working, who our leader was going to be. Ross Kenny is an extroverted, confident speaker who voices his opinions readily and gets the ball rolling immediately. During our first group meeting in class, Ross was already full of ideas, spoke his mind, and had an obvious as well as appropriate attitude of a leader.
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