Reflection Of Learning : My Experience In The English Second Language

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At Dixon Middle School in Provo, Utah I volunteered to teach English second language (ESL) class and computer skills for the organization Centro Hispano. Upon arriving one afternoon to the classroom, I remember reading what David, the main instructor, wrote on the chalkboard “Sweet bread is pan dulce, Milk is leche (Spanish)” and took a quick glance at the class. I could still see 12 to 15 students taking notes, following along, and participating. After teaching the lesson, I glanced again, but this time I found myself giving hot leche and pan dulce to the students. Seeing them practice the English I recently taught them while smiling and laughing is a moment I will never forget. It was a moment where I was focusing on someone else’s needs. I was helping them learn a new language that will change their lives which gave me a pleasing feeling unlike any other. I felt joy in my heart in giving small acts of service knowing that I was blessing their lives. At the ESL class, I was able to discover a talent in teaching. It was difficult trying to develop this talent since communicating with the students was not as easy. The students came from many countries like Brazil, Mexico, Japan, speaking other languages. In the beginning, some of the lessons confused and frustrated the students because I could not translate some material in a way that made sense to them. I had to change my teaching methods so I decided to go from traditional PowerPoint to more group interactions. With
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