Reflection Of Medical Informatics

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Reflection Paper
When I first enrolled in BMI 5300: Introduction to Biomedical Informatics class, I was very eager and excited to learn the role of biomedical informatics in healthcare organizations and the importance of data capture and analysis in improving public health. One of the major misconceptions I had was that this course would not cover wide range of factors influencing the biomedical informatics field. Much to my surprise, the course provided a comprehensive analysis of factors related to biomedical informatics, including but not limited to EHR systems, interfaces, Health Information Exchanges, Meaningful Use (MU) requirements, and controlled medical vocabularies such as Logical Observation Identifiers Names and
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According to AMIA and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), “Biomedical informatics is the interdisciplinary, scientific field that studies and pursues the effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving and decision making, motivated by efforts to improve human health” (as cited in Hoyt et al., 2014, p. 4). Biomedical informatics focus not only on clinical, medical and public health fields, but also focuses on dental, nursing, pharmacy, medical imaging and veterinary fields (Hoyt et al., 2014, p. 4).
“Bioinformatics is sub-field of biomedical informatics that is concerned with biological data, particularly DNA and genomic information, as opposed to clinical, public health or other data” (Hoyt et al., 2014, p. 5). Bioinformatics is a relatively new field started by the Human Genome Project and have built databases for a variety functional data as a means for accelerating research (Maojo & Kulikowski, 2003, p. 515). Although health informatics, biomedical informatics and bioinformatics have different scope, historical background and application of scientific foundations, all three of the fields uses technology to collect data, information and knowledge which can add positive contribution to medical, clinical, public health and research in some way shape or form. I learned that biomedical informatics is a broader term that includes
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