Reflection Of My Discourse Community

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Have you ever been around a group of people who share an interest you know nothing about? It could be a sports team, a book club, or a cooking group, but if you do not share the same passions as them you probably don’t understand what they are talking about. They are speaking the same language as you but the terms they are using sound foreign. That is what is so interesting about discourse communities. Everyone is a part of a discourse community whether it is your family, religion, or activities you partake in. The discourse community that I am apart of is my pledge class in the Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter here at Southeast. We all met at the beginning of the school year yet we are already so close we call each other brothers. I observed …show more content…

“Well I remember when you went up and started to dance with her she looked at you then she just walked away.” At this point the whole table was laughing. “Hey man, you gotta shoot your shot!” said Nick trying to cover up his rejection. While we were on the subject of girls Mady asked, “Woah, you see that babe that just walked by?” “Yeah I think she’s a Delta.” Replied Collin. We were always pointing out attractive girls that walked by us. I mean, what group of 18-year-old guys don’t? But As we were eating I noticed that some people were showing pictures of the night before, most of them just funny Snapchats of all of us. Every time we eat together on Sundays it is always a good time because we always have stories and pictures to show from the weekend. In our discourse community, we all share one common goal, to go active in the fraternity. But to reach that ultimate goal we have smaller goals to complete first. One of those goals includes making grades. In order to go active in a fraternity here at Southeast Missouri State University you have to have at least a 2.75 GPA. Which should not be too hard but it is challenging for some people. That is why we have study hours to complete each week. We have to put in at least six study hours per week. This is a great thing that our fraternity is doing, they are making sure we are going to class and completing our homework so we can eventually reach our

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