Reflection Of My Faith

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If you are a Christian and familiar with the Word of God, hopefully you know what a testimony is. If you are not familiar with testimony, it can be briefly described as a story about one’s faith and how that faith has helped one through a difficult life event. Having first-hand experience with a couple difficult predicaments that I can best describe as being on a rollercoaster. A special person helped me and my faith and that is what helped get through all the bumps and bends. This is my testimony; how my faith helped hold me in place. I was baptized traditionally with Holy Water in a Lutheran church and grew up in that church until the old pastor, Pastor Mike, retired. At a young age I could tell his sermons were amazing. They kept me…show more content…
Life continued normally until October 25rd, 2014. I came home from working at Pinter’s Dead Shed knowing something was off simply based on people’s attitudes around me. I was repeatedly asked about my well-being by fellow Dead Shed workers, and everyone was being more friendly toward me than usual. Adding to the strange vibes, when I got home my dad had parked outside of his normal place, in the middle of the driveway. As I walked in, all of the lights in our house were on, and my dad sat alone in the living room. I approached him even though his face was scaring me. I barely ever see my dad emotionally impacted by something, so I knew it was serious. My dad asked me to have a seat, so I sat as he looked me in the eye with a serious expression, despite the Halloween makeup I was wearing. He slowly told me that my Grandpa Roger had suffered a fatal heart attack. My grandpa Roger and I have always been very close; this was likely due to the fact that my brother and I were his only grandkids who lived in Cresco, two blocks away. Because of our close relationship, I took this news very hard. My grandpa Roger’s death happened at a rough time as I was just starting to find who my friends were and how to keep them. I felt like my life was a mess, and I became very angry with God, deciding to stop believing because of what had happened. Atheism became my belief system, and so I denied God, hated church,
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