Reflection Of My Humanities Class

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What classes or areas of study have been most interesting to you? Why?*
From grammar jeopardy in English class to researching Túpac Amaru in Spanish, all of my classes at BHMS are extremely alluring and fun, but my Humanities class to stand out within all of my great classes. The Humanities class in BHMS is the perfect combination of hands-on education, creativity and Fun. Mixing those three things is a tough thing to do, but my teacher Launa Schweizer does it every time. She make every single class so fun and engaging, whether it is going outside and polling people or making an imaginary journey to Oregon. Humanities is by far my favorite class and always manages to interest me no matter what.

Please list your involvement in activities both
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Within those 13 summers, six of them I spent attending Japanese public school. Going to a school in Japan was very tough. I would have regular classes, get homework and speak Japanese the entire time. Though it was tough, it was a lot of fun. I made so many friends, I ate great food, and best of all I was speaking only Japanese the entire time. Overall it was such a great experience being able to go to two different schools in two completely different countries.

Tell us about a time when you were excited about learning. What were you learning about? What made it so engaging?*
One time I was very excited about learning was a project that I did in math class called After Collage. In this project I were given a scenario where I just finished college, and I had to find a job a house, etc. After, we made a budget on all of the expenses that we thought we would pay. Things such as electricity bills, food, laundry etc. Though this project was fiction it made me realize what the real world was like, and I could not just spend all of my money on things that I liked.

What is it about the possibility of attending CSW that you most look forward

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