In Memoriam Reflections Of My Life Analysis

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In memoriam, reflections of my mother’s life.


I would like to thank you all for coming today. Our mother would have been so happy to know that you took the time to come out and say goodbye. If you open the Bible to Timothy, 3:7, you will see the following verse, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Paul was equating life to a long distance race in that particular scripture. As his life was drawing to a conclusion, Paul knew that he had finished life’s race – he had kept the faith.

Moms casket sits before us, yet it sits before us empty. Why…because mom finished the race on the morning that she breathed her last breath. Though her physical form lay bowed and
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Highly smitten, our father doted on and protected our mother up until his untimely death. Her world shattered, she would now be tested in every way possible.

Mom was beset with grief, yet rarely showed it. She was far more concerned with the well-being of her children. My brother Tom and I were consumed by the pain and the unrelenting sadness of the moment. It was if a darkness had enveloped our lives. Mom would move from room to room consoling the both us. She was like a lighthouse in a storm and an ever-present source of compassion, always quick to offer encouragement and wipe away the tears. In retrospect, I’m left to ponder her sadness and quiet suffering. There was no one present to comfort her in those dreary days. I can only believe that a faithful God was always there to comfort and protect her.

Mom alone was now responsible for two teenage boys and the monthly bills that needed paying, not to mention providing food for the table and putting in a grueling 40 hour work week. Suddenly the totality of life’s responsibilities fell on her shoulders. Mom evolved from being a bit pampered to being the family provider. She never wavered or complained, moreover she was the picture of courage and grit.

We did not have a lot of money, yet mom met our every necessity. She made life normal for us despite the hardship. Time and time again, she put aside her own needs so that ours could be met. Mom never openly broke down or
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