Reflection Of My Performance During An Objective Structured Clinical Exam

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HS933 OSCE Critical Reflection The following is a critical reflection of my performance during an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE), as part of my training for the role of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). An OCSE is an assessment technique whereby a student demonstrates their competence under simulated conditions (Fidment 2012). For this OSCE, my competence in undertaking a treatment session with a patient was under examination. The treatment session I undertook involved discussing the patient’s progress with behavioural activation (BA), a cognitive-behavioural intervention used for people experiencing depression (Richards and Whyte 2011). When people become depressed, they experience a lack of motivation and energy, which can result in them cutting back on activities, neglecting daily responsibilities and leaving decision-making to others (CCI 2003). Avoiding activities gives the person short-term relief, because they haven’t had to face up to their responsibilities. Unfortunately, long-term, the list piles up and instead of completing the tasks; they think about everything they haven’t done (CCI 2003). They start to feel overwhelmed and guilty that they are inactive, which worsens the depression. Reduced activity levels and behaviours are detrimental to a person’s wellbeing because they become even less motivated, more lethargic and miss out on positive experiences (CCI 2003). Behavioural Activation aims to break this cycle of negative reinforcement,
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