Reflection Of My Writing : My Experience Of A Short Story

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I want to start off by giving a bit of my writing background because there isn’t one. I took this class because I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone, which I did. I have never written anything worth submitting for a grade, but I figured this class would be a good place to start. Reflecting back on where I began, and where I am now, there is a huge difference. I now find myself thinking of themes and ideas to write about. I do not have a good understanding of how well I write, or what is interesting to other people. However, I do think that this experience has helped me better understand myself. In my opinion, my works all start out being ideas that somehow have a personal connection to me. The theme of abundant potential in the tree poem, the overcoming of mental obstacles in my short story, and of course, my personal experience with my father. My short story was actually written about my mom, as I had not actually heard of the Black Swan movie until my small group read my story. I find all of my works to be about turning something negative into a positive. Maybe that is not something that can be understood by other people, but I feel that find myself in each of my works. I tend to write in short chunks. I was once told by a professor that “short paragraphs are more pleasing to the reader.” Whether this is true or not, I tend to stray away from long, boring paragraphs. Either way, I find that my drafts are quite concise, and during my revision process, I learned the importance of extending into detail. I also find a bit of humor in my poetry drafts. For example, the last line in the original draft of “The Living Tree” was quite ironic to me, and I found that it made me laugh. I also do not use big words. I stick with short sentences. In a way, I think that it hinders what I can do as a writer, and I hope to overcome that in the future. My writing process is choppy and unorganized, which is interesting because I am quite OCD about everything else I do in my life. I never set aside time to write; I write when I feel like it. Sometimes, it might be days before I return to a work that I have started. As I said before, this is something that I have recently learned about myself because I have never been

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